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This holiday season, The Heritage Humane Society invites pet lovers to have a leading role in its “12 Strays of Christmas,” a heartwarming initiative aimed at finding loving homes for twelve deserving shelter pets. As an added gift, the shelter is offering an adoption promotion of 25% off available adult pets (10 months and older) now through Dec. 31, 2023.

• Amelia Earhart. This fearless 6-month-old female tabby has a heart as adventurous as her namesake. Amelia’s journey started as a stray, sadly tossed from a vehicle in a motel parking lot. Fortunately, a compassionate couple witnessed the heart-wrenching act and brought her to The Heritage Humane Society. Despite her past hardships, Amelia’s spirit remains unbroken. She is an incredibly sweet, loving, and charming companion, brimming with purr-sonality. Her uniqueness extends to her paws—she’s a polydactyl kitty with seven toes on each foot, both front and back. This aviation pioneer is ready to soar into her forever home.

• Jimmy Fallon. Introducing the charming Jimmy Fallon, a 4-month-old male feline with a heart as endearing as his namesake. This late-night host was discovered alongside his sister, Tina Fey, when they were just a few weeks old—alone, skinny, and scared on Barrow Road. Although Jimmy is still learning that humans aren’t all big and scary, he has made remarkable progress in a foster home where patience and love worked wonders. Now seeking a forever home, Jimmy Fallon would thrive in an environment that allows his quiet soul to continue blooming. Give him a little time to warm up, and you’ll witness the transformation of a shy kitten into an affectionate companion with a purr machine ready to rev up. Experience the joy of Jimmy’s company at Schwartzy’s Cat Cove in New Town Williamsburg, where he eagerly awaits a loving connection.

 Patches. This two-year-old feline firecracker who is waiting to light up your life! Patches is a spirited cat that is a delightful blend of entertainment and affection, leaving you wondering why she hasn’t found her forever home yet. Patches brings a perfect balance of playfulness and silliness, ensuring that there’s never a dull moment when she’s around. She is incredibly loving and cuddly, making her the ideal companion for those seeking a kitty with both spunk and sweetness.

• Rosalyn & Santiago. Say hello to the adorable duo, Rosalyn and Santiago! At 8 months old, this inseparable pair of siblings is a bundle of sweetness waiting to capture your heart. These brother and sister kitties are the epitome of sibling love, making everyone say “AWW” with their pure affection for each other. Not only do they sleep, eat, and play together, but they also engage in the occasional playful squabble—just like any loving sister and brother would. Beyond their charming sibling dynamic, Rosalyn and Santiago extend their affection to people, promising endless moments of love and joy.

• Elvira: Mistress of the Dark. Introducing Elvira, affectionately known as Ellie in her foster home—a delightful Beagle mix with a touch of mischief and a heart full of joy. At the age of 10, this Mistress of the Dark has a unique charm, always sporting one ear up and one ear down, earning her the title of a joyful, goofy dog. Ellie finds pure bliss basking in the sun, legs out behind her, and she exudes love for playtime with toys and leisurely walks. In her foster home, she’s proven to be a well-mannered companion, getting along with dogs, cats, and kids. This senior sweetheart plays with the vigor of a puppy, showcasing the spunk that comes from a life filled with love. With impeccable leash manners, house-training, and a preference for staying off furniture, Ellie is a true gem—her foster mom affectionately declares her as the most well-behaved sweetie they’ve ever fostered.

• Jonesie. Meet Jonesie, the lovable and goofy 2-year-old mixed breed who is eagerly seeking a forever home. With his playful spirit and a penchant for long walks, Jonesie is the ideal companion for an active individual or family looking for a furry friend to share adventures with. While he’s still figuring out his feelings towards kids and cats, Jonesie has shown some uncertainty around other dogs, making a patient and easy-going teacher dog the perfect companion for his learning journey. Remarkably intelligent, Jonesie is quickly mastering proper leash manners. He delights in pig ears and tough chew treats, adding to his charming personality. To make it even more appealing, an anonymous supporter has generously sponsored his adoption fee, making it easier for you to bring this big hunk of love home.

 Coconut. Say hello to Coconut, the stunning 2-year-old German Shepherd/Malinois mix that will capture your heart in seconds. Discovered as a stray, this gorgeous girl was found running scared on Penniman Road. Initially a bit shy and aloof, Coconut blossoms into a loving companion once she deems you as her person. Get ready for an abundance of hugs and kisses from this affectionate canine beauty. Loyal and loving, Coconut is ready to be someone’s forever companion.

 Pepito. Meet Pepito, the two-year-old American Pit Bull Terrier whose goofy charm is irresistible. This adoptable cutie is currently in a foster home, where his endearing personality shines bright. The derp is strong with Pepito, making him the undisputed class clown with a talent for bringing laughter and joy to anyone in his presence. Beyond his playful antics, Pepito reveals his softer side—he’s incredibly affectionate and loves nothing more than to snuggle up with his human companions. Pepito delivers on silliness and heartwarming moments.

• Beau. Meet Beau, the charismatic 4-year-old American Pit Bull Mix with a personality as vibrant as his spirit. Bouncy, bold, bighearted, and undeniably beautiful, Beau is a bundle of joy ready to bring energy and love into your life. His windblown ears are a testament to his boundless enthusiasm, especially when indulging in extreme zoomies and running in circles outdoors. This spirited young boy is an ideal companion for an active adopter who appreciates his playful nature. While Beau may not fully grasp his size, making him more suitable for a home with older children or adults, he compensates with an unbridled love for peanut butter, his absolute favorite treat. With a heart as big as his personality, Beau is eagerly awaiting the perfect forever home, where he can receive all the hugs and peanut butter he deserves.

• David Hopperfield. Meet the enchanting David Hopperfield, a 3-year-old rabbit. This magical bunny was discovered in someone’s yard, and thanks to a kind individual, David found his way to The Heritage Humane Society. In good health and brimming with comfort, he welcomes pets and cuddles with open paws. To make his journey to a forever home even more magical, The Wagsters Magic Theatre has generously sponsored David Hopperfield’s adoption fee. Hannah and Brandon Wagster, avid animal lovers, aim to spread the crucial message of adopting small pets like David.

• Iceman. Meet Iceman, a 6-year-old mixed breed dog who believes that an XL dog deserves nothing less than XL love! Weighing in at a solid 75 lbs, Iceman may not be the largest pup on the block, but his legs suggest otherwise! This smart boy has already mastered commands like “sit” and “lay down,” showcasing his intelligence and eagerness to please. With his size and energy, Iceman would thrive in a home with a spacious backyard where he can indulge in some serious romping. He’s on the lookout for the perfect wingman to join him in all of life’s adventures. This big-hearted canine is seeking the love and companionship he deserves.

Welcome love this holiday season

The Heritage Humane Society has many homeless pets hoping to be adopted in time to spend the holidays in a forever home. More than 200 dogscats and small pets are currently in their care. Adoptable pets are available to meet during The Heritage Humane Society’s visiting and adopting hours from 12 to 4:30 p.m., Tues. through Sun.
To learn more, visit, call 757-221-0150, or visit The Heritage Humane Society located at 430 Waller Mill Rd, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

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