What is a barn/career cat?
A barn cat is an outdoor cat that is not quite suited for living inside a home. These cats usually prefer minimal to no human contact and are not suited to be indoor cats. They instead feel more comfortable in a “working” environment where they can patrol a barn, stable, farm, shed, brewery, or even a warehouse. The cats in our Career Cat Program are often those who are unsocialized, or feral and because they did not learn at a young age that humans can be their friends, they tend to be shy or fearful of people. While these cats cannot be adopted into traditional indoor homes, Heritage Humane Society is committed to finding alternative homes for these kitties. The Career Cat Program is a win-win for both cats and adopters. Cats get a chance to enjoy safe outdoor homes, and the adopters receive natural pest control on their property.
Career Cat adopted by Foxwire Farms in Toano, VA
What are the advantages of adopting a barn cat?
  • They make great exterminators. By welcoming a working cat to your home, you are supporting the safest way to control the rodent population in and around your home or business. A working cat will patrol your property and keep mice and rats away.
  • They are a natural, eco-friendly way of reducing pests. There are no poisons for children or other animals to get into and no need to set up traps.
  • They eat bugs. If you’d like to keep bugs to a minimum on your property, then a barn cat could potentially help you with that!
  • They save barns and businesses money by deterring bugs and rodents from getting into feed, barns, supplies, etc.
  • You are giving a rescued pet a second chance.
Are these cats spayed/neutered?
Yes! The cats in our Barn Cat Program have:
  • Been Spayed/Neutered
  • Received Basic Feline Vaccines
  • Received FIV and Feline Leukemia Test
  • Been Microchipped
  • Been Ear Tipped
  • Received Flea & Tick Prevention
What is the fee to adopt a barn cat?
The adoption fee is waived. The adopter is responsible for the ongoing care of the cat (food, shelter, veterinary care).
What do we ask from the adopter?
  • Provide a warm, safe housing space where the cat can live (warehouse, barn, garage, etc.)
  • Continuous fresh food and water
  • Long term veterinary care as needed
  • Acclimation time and area (our Adoption Team can help with a plan to acclimate a new cat to your property)
What is the process of adopting a barn cat?
Fill out the online career cat interest form. A member of our Adoption Team will be in contact you will more information. Transportation or arranging a designated meeting location is available for adopters farther away.

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