Our Community Working Together

Percy’s Adoption Story

We wanted to share the very unique and heartwarming adoption story of Percy. Percy, along with three other dogs, were surrendered to HHS in January 2020. All of the dogs, including Percy, came in very nervous and under socialized. The dogs did not trust people and the HHS staff knew it would take a lot of time and patience for them to build that trust.

Percy the day he arrived at HHS

Foster homes were the perfect place for these pups to get comfortable in a home setting around people. Unfortunately, while in his foster home Percy accidentally escaped and ran off. Because he was still nervous around people it was a very difficult task to track him down and catch him. If a person approached him, his reaction was to run far, far away. The HHS staff and volunteers worked tirelessly looking for sweet little Percy day and night. When someone finally spotted him it was a relief, but that was just the beginning. The staff set up a food, water, a camera, and a trap in the area where he was last spotted. He came very close to going into the trap several times, but never quite went all the way in. Finally on April 2, with the help of the HHS staff and a very kind community member named Torie, we successfully caught Percy and returned him to HHS. Thankfully he was in good health and Torie ended up falling in love with little Percy during her rescue adventure and decided to adopt him!

With a lot of time and patience we were finally able to capture Percy and bring him back to HHS

Percy getting adopted by his rescuer Torie

We wanted to share this story because especially right now it is so important to remember that when we work together we can accomplish amazing things. Without the help of our wonderful community, we would not be able to continue our lifesaving work, so thank you to every one of our supporters! Every little bit helps to changing the lives of local homeless pets. And a special thank you to Torie and everyone else who helped get little Percy back to safety. Thanks to you, he is going to live a very happy life in a loving home.
Consider making a gift today that will be put into immediate action. On behalf of the pets in our care, we thank you for helping provide for their comfort and health during this unknown time.