The biggest heart in the shelter


Don’t let the name or size fool you, Bear is a big teddy bear! He is approximately 76 pounds and around 10 years old. Even though he lived outside his entire life he still loves his people and is a very social boy. His face tells you all you need to know with those big kind brown eyes and happy smile.

Bear hasn’t had much training and is a strong boy and will require a stronger handler on the leash until he learns what he is supposed to do and how to act on a leash. He has just never really been outside of his backyard and is very curious about the world around him. He is eager to please and learns quickly. Bear would love a home with a large backyard and room to run and play. At 10 years old though he doesn’t need as much exercise as a younger dog would, so a nice brisk walk or romp around at least twice a day would be fine with this gentle giant.

He has not yet been tested with another dog but from what we see we think he would do fine with proper introduction. Bear just seems to adapt and adjust and go with the flow of what is handed to him. This is a great dog, ask to meet him and you will want to take him home with you!


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