Beach Bum

Bud is ready to find a beach buddy and forever family…
Say hello to the one and only BUD. If you are looking for a furry friend that loves leisurely walks, adventures, and playtime in the water, Bud is your pup! He has been on many Fido Field Trips during his time with us. He adores getting in the car and going on an adventure. He has been on hikes, walks in Colonial Williamsburg, and strolls in the park. His favorite spot is Yorktown Beach. He loves to get his paws wet, relax on the beach, and people watch. He is a natural beach bum. Just imagine the fun you could have with him this summer! He has a sweet and mellow personality that will always brighten your day and he adores meeting new friends. If you are interested in meeting this amazing pup contact our Adoption Team to set up an appointment.
Bud at Yorktown Beach with HHS Volunteer Rico
A youth HHS volunteer did a portrait of Bud in hopes that it would help get him adopted.