Sweet & Mellow

Meet Emma! A delightful 5 year old terrier mix who is searching for a family to love. Though a bit shy at first, this sweet girl quickly warms up to new friends with some gentle pets and treats. She’s housebroken, well-mannered, and enjoys the occasional game of fetch, making her the perfect canine companion for someone seeking a more mellow pup. After spending years as a cherished store dog, Emma is now looking for a calm and loving home where she can enjoy her golden years. She would do best in a quiet environment with patient individuals who can appreciate her subtle affection. If you’re searching for a furry friend to shower with love and cuddles, Emma could be your perfect match!
To help Emma find her forever home our friends at Williamsburg Jewelers have sponsored her adoption fee!
Our pet viewing and adoption hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Visit heritagehumane.org/dogs to learn more about Emma and our other available dogs.

Notes from Emma’s foster mom:

When she first entered the house, she was low-key excited to explore and see everything. She quickly took to being petted, but she became very comfortable and settled after three days. The third day was when she started hopping in the bed at night.
The only car ride I’ve brought her on was the car ride from the shelter. She was a bit excited at first, climbing around a bit and going through the bags supplied by HHS. For the last half of the 15 minute ride, she settled down with a chew toy and stayed relatively still. She does, of course, enjoy the windows down.
Emma is a voracious chewer, but only chews on her toys. The tougher the toy, the better. She will abracadabra a tennis ball in 30 seconds flat. Not that she swallows any toy pieces, she’s much too smart for that. She is quite housebroken; I leave her with free reign of the home while I am at work and she typically just sleeps on the couch. She never tears anything up or has any accidents.
The only time that Emma is slightly stubborn is when she has a small animal in her sight (she is very much a huntress). Any other time she responds very quickly to a whistle or mouth click. While on a walk, a stranger asked to pet her and she let him do so without any fuss. In order to fill her water bowl, I leaned over her while she was eating and she wasn’t bothered in the slightest. She is not fond of baths, but she does behave very well in the tub.
While on walks, she has been charged by other dogs from within fenced yards. In this situation, she has barked and tried to charge at the fence, but she is easily held by the leash and will quickly respond to me.When introduced to my neighbor’s three boxers (through a chainlink fence), they barked at each other and then took to racing each other up and down the fence (this did not seem to be done aggressively). Since the initial fun, she has ignored the boxers, unless under the influence of post-bath zoomies.
Emma knows three tricks (that I know of): sit, stay, and shake.
Emma is incredibly loving and always wants to be around her people. If you’re sitting on the couch, Emma will likely be cozied up against you. If you’re sitting in a chair designed for single-occupancy, Emma will disregard the intentions of the furniture designer and crawl in your lap like the 70 pound dachshund she thinks she is. Beds are similarly shared. Emma also gives kisses very frequently.