Full Body Hugger

Fifi celebrated her one-year anniversary at HHS on April 18, 2024. While we love her deeply, a shelter is not a permanent home. She deserves a family to call her own and this 6-year-old blonde beauty with soulful brown eyes truly desires a loyal friend, stability, and structure to bring out the best in her.
Fifi’s story began when she arrived at the shelter in April 2023. Initially withdrawn and hesitant, her transformation has been nothing short of remarkable.
Despite her challenging start, Fifi has blossomed into a loving and loyal dog, forming deep bonds with the people she trusts. Once she opens her heart to you, be prepared for an abundance of affection and unwavering loyalty. Fifi is the epitome of a faithful friend, always by your side, seeking comfort and security in the company of her trusted humans. She does her signature “Fifi hug” when you officially become a part of her family. It’s important to note that Fifi may take some time to warm up to new people. Building trust with her requires some patience. However, once you earn her trust, you’ll witness an unbreakable bond and experience the joy of having a devoted companion who will stand (and hug you) through thick and thin.
Swing by HHS today to meet Fifi and find out why she’s the perfect match for your home and heart. Our pet viewing and adoption hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Visit to learn more about Fifi and our other available dogs. Even those who are unable to adopt can still help Fifi find a home by sharing her story far and wide. 
Fifi has had many supporters along his journey with us. Read more about Fifi below from her champions here at HHS.
The first day she would stay within 20 feet of me in the fenced in yard and was constantly checking in with me. By the second day she was much more comfortable, and I noticed her tail was up in a question mark shape more than her typical trailing fish hook neutral, and she was going behind bushes and trees and exploring more without staying so close to me. At night I walked out with her, and kept an eye on her body language as I knew her visibility was down in the dark, but she remained very neutral and even relaxed. It took her about 10 minutes after I sat down for her to settle on her own- I brought a bed from room to room and she seemed to settle on it rather quickly. She even retreated to the kennel I left open a few times for naps of her own accord. When playing, she would often present the toy to me, and even jumped onto my lap and put the toy or rawhide right in my face to play. She never presented any resource guarding both with the toys/rawhide, or her food. I was impressed that she did not have a single accident and would telegraph when she needed to go by either staring at me or the door to the yard. Overnight, I kept her in the crate, and she did not show any signs of separation anxiety. In fact, I never heard her cry or bark the entire weekend. Only twice did she get over-stimulated and began jumping on me repeatedly, but each time I quartered away and she very quickly dialed back her intensity to a lean in for pets. I chose a weekend when my dog would be with my parents so I could see how she did in a home setting with someone she trusts, and it is clear to me that she is a very well behaved dog. Her recall from the fence was always almost immediate, even when chasing small animals. She observed my neighbor on the other side of the fence but was not confident enough to move closer, so I witnessed zero barrier reactivity. Also, after she went out in the rain she allowed me to towel dry and tolerated touching of paws, tail, rear, and everything else without any stiffening. If I could have, I never would have brought her back. I was impressed with just how well behaved and relaxed she was, and I thank you so much for letting me spend the weekend with such a wonder dog.
– HHS Foster