Jennifer Lafountain

Marketing, Events & Humane Education Manager

Jennifer Lafountain

Jennifer Lafountain brings extensive experience—as well as a passion for working with people and pets—to her position as Marketing, Events & Humane Education Manager at the Heritage Humane Society. Prior to joining Heritage Humane, Jennifer served as the Animal Care Supervisor at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg.

During her 10-years in a supervisory role, Jennifer managed off-site educational programming and overseeing the animal’s well being and care. With a biology background, Jennifer has experience working with a wide variety of animals including; horses, sheep, dogs, raptors, a variety of exotic avian species, reptiles, amphibians, and exotic large mammals.

Prior to working at Heritage Humane Society, Jennifer also did extensive internships with the Virginia Wildlife Center, Virginia Zoo, and Virginia Living Museum.

email: [email protected]