Quiet & Sweet

Kevin is currently in a foster home where we are learning more about him! Below are some words from Kevin’s foster dad:
“He has settled in even more, and we played with the ribbon toy and the little furry mouse-like toys over the weekend. He likes to play right when the sun goes down. He has also gotten into the habit of nesting near me while I work on the computer or watch TV. He doesn’t like to let me get out of sight. At night, I’ve started leaving the door to the bedroom open, and he just sits in the doorway all night. It’s very cute!
I’ve never heard him meow. He is the quietest cat I’ve ever met. He doesn’t like being held or handled, but he still loves scratches, especially around his ears. When you pet him right, he becomes a purring machine! The crinkling of bags drives him crazy! He goes right into predator mode when he hears it. It’s very fun.
He can still be a little recluse at times. But other times he likes to hangout. I had some friends over and he was loving all the pets and attention. He even came and plopped down on the living room carpet, and stayed long enough to pose for a painting!”
Kevin is FIV+, which our team can tell you more about. FIV+ cats can live long and normal lives. All it means for Kevin is that he will need to live an indoor-only life, which he is all about. If you are interested in meeting Kevin or another pet, contact our team right now! 757-221-0150 ext:0 or  [email protected].