Sweet & Gentle Monarch

“Meet King, the sweetest, happiest hippo you’ll ever meet! He is a love bug and will just melt into your lap and cuddle up for pets.
He may jump in his kennel, but he does not jump on people at all in a normal environment – he is just so excited to meet you! King is very mellow, well mannered, and has learned to thrive in a home. We were fortunate to have him with us for 3 months and learned so much about him. When he came to us, he was very scared and jumpy to a lot of normal “home” sounds (the microwave, light switches, etc.).
King is extremely gentle when taking treats and has no food aggression at all. He is very eager to please his people and has mastered ‘sit,’ ‘down,’ and ‘bang’ (roll over). He is housebroken and usually went out 4 times daily (2 longer walks in morning and evening and a quick trip in between and right before bedtime). He does well on a leash, but will pull occasionally when he is motivated by a squirrel or an opportunity to say hi to a friend.
King is 80% couch potato, 20% energy. He LOVES his toys, especially squeakies and will chew/play several times a day. He is pretty gentle and didn’t destroy any of his beloved stuffies in his time with us. The zoomies do come out, but only once a day, and usually in the evening when he was ready for me to be done working. King would thrive in a home with a fenced-in yard, but a few good long walks each day will work for him too. He would make an excellent running or hiking buddy for someone who enjoys being very active outside!
He loves car rides and is an excellent passenger. He is also a great partner for dinner outside or a trip to a local brewery! He was very fearful at first when we took him out in public, and still takes a bit of time to get comfy, but he is so well behaved in these settings.
When we couldn’t take him along, he did well free roaming at home. He cried a little at first, but calmed quickly and was never destructive to anything and did not have any accidents when we were gone. We tried crating a few times in the beginning, but he hated it and cried/barked and would not get calm (we watched him on the Furbo). He does enjoy laying in his crate/house when we are around, but does not like the door being shut and feeling confined.
King has been very good with all the children he’s met, ranging from 2-10 in age. A toddler came right up and got in his face at the park before we even realized and he just sniffed her, was not uncomfortable at all. He is not overly concerned with kids and appreciates any hands that give him pets. He is the only dog in our home, and so far has been hit or miss with meeting other dogs. Some he is very excited about and wants to play, others he seems scared and puts his guard up. I don’t think he needs to be an only dog and do think one day he can feel comfortable around all dogs with increased socialization. He is not cat friendly in our experience, but I can only speak to our cat who ran from him. I think he would be fine with the right chill, dog friendly cat. If we did not have our kitty, he would never have come back to HHS 🙂
King has come so far and has so much love to give. He is ready for his forever family and I know he will bring so much joy to their lives. We love this boy and you will too!”
– From Kings’s Foster Mom