Purrfect Companion

Say hello to a precious kitty named Kokomo. She is 3 years old.
She originally came to Heritage Humane Society in August 2020. That means she has been in our care for almost a year. She was a bit stressed out in the shelter environment, so we found an amazing foster home for her while we search for her future adopter. Below are some notes from Kokomo’s foster.
Notes from the foster mom:
“Boy is she ever a lovebug! All our physical interactions still happen when she’s in her safe spot (carrier). She lets me scratch under her chin, loves to have me root around in her ears, is much less skittish if I make a wrong move while petting her. She will be a cuddler someday—she purrs up a storm, then falls asleep with my arm pressed along her side—I can feel her little body relax. She takes treats from my hand when she’s in there.
Outside her carrier, she makes eye contact, is busy exploring the whole house (very nervously), shows mild interest in playing with me, but hasn’t yet, and comes out to eat readily. She has gone from playing at night when all the lights are out to playing any old time. There’s a lot of tossing a squeaky mouse and jingle ball around. Still won’t play if I’m in sight.
A quiet house, and calm, patient person with lots of time to spend with her will be rewarded with a lovey-dovey, gentle pet. It is a joy to see her grow more relaxed and happier, even if we only take baby steps on the way.”
If you have a home where Kokomo could live happily ever after- contact our Adoption Team. 757-221-0150 ext:0 or [email protected].