Bell of the Ball

Meet Lilah! She is a 5 year old Pit Bull Terrier mix with a beautiful personality! She has stolen the hearts of everyone here at Heritage Humane Society in the time she’s been with us. She came in with some severe hair loss, scabbing, and redness around her eyes, ears, head, feet, belly, and tail. It took some time, but a treatment plan and oatmeal baths slowly started to work. We started to see Lilah’s fur growing back and through everything (including having to wear a cone for while), Lilah was an absolute champ. She was all sweetness and sunshine. Her beautiful silvery grey fur is now almost all the way grown back (check out the photos below) and she recently went into a foster home where we have learned even more about Lilah! Here’s a little update from the foster family:
“Are you looking for a sweet, calm pup with happy, flappy ears and a heart of gold? Lovely Lilah is your gal! She’s young enough to play but mature enough to appreciate the value of a nap! Other dogs aren’t her favorite, but she LOVES people, both known and new, and has been friendly with our children! Within a day of arriving, she was calm and relaxed in our house. She pays attention to her people and is eager to please; knows several commands, including “sit”; and is smart and food-motivated to learn. Lilah is gentle (especially taking treats!) and patient; house-trained; and quiet during the day (except right before walks, when she vocalizes her excitement with Wookiee sounds!) and in her crate at night. She adores snuggles and body scratches; squeaky toys and tennis balls; treats, walks, and — especially! — lazing on her bed! She has sensitive skin and is least-itchy when her people help her avoid rolling in grass/leaf litter. Lilah has been a fun, mellow visitor in our home on her vacation from HHS!”
CLICK HERE to see a short video of Lilah!
Lilah is an absolute catch! Let’s give this rockstar a second chance at a happy life! Contact our Adoption Team today to schedule an appointment to meet her. 757-221-0150 ext:0 or [email protected].