Office Assistant in Training

We LOVE Lucy!
Lucy is a two-year-old tabby that came to The Heritage Humane Society in January. She’s extremely intelligent and inquisitive. She has an independent streak and is often content to find the nearest perch to sit on and watch all the goings on. She currently resides in one of our offices at Heritage Humane Society and we’ve decided that she’d make a great administrative assistant for your home office! This sassy, spirited lady loves to type on the keyboard, watch YouTube videos (preferably of birds or squirrels), and occasionally warm your lap while you work. She also LOVES cardboard boxes. It will make her day if you bring a new cardboard box in. Check out some of the photos below to see yourself.
To help Lucy find her forever home, an anonymous donor has kindly sponsored her adoption fee!
Our pet viewing and adoption hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Come meet Lucy!