Miss Cutie

Kitty Diva

Miss Cutie
Words from Miss Cutie’s foster mom:
“Well, she’s definitely a diva!🙂 Purrs at the drop of a hat, love to rub against my legs, and has already explored the whole house (exercise up & downstairs several times!). I think she’s is a terrific pet!”
“There is a new, improved version! Weight’s down some, activity has increased quite a bit, and best of all, she is super loving. She has​ a few quirks and set-in-her way preferences, but if you give her a few weeks to adjust and go slowly with her to earn her trust, she is one of the sweetest cats I’ve ever met! My lap is no longer my own, as all she has to do is meow at me, and I scarf her up and go sit down. A wonderful excuse to lounge around!😉
Contact our Adoption Team to learn more about this terrific tortoiseshell. 757-221-0150 ext.0 or [email protected]. As a reminder we are appointment only right now, so please call or email to schedule a visit.