Most Boop-able Snoot

Meet Pony, a lovable and sweet 4-year-old pup who is eagerly seeking a forever home. He came into our care in Jan. 2024 after he was found stray running along the road with another dog. This playful goofball has a knack for making everyone laugh. His smart, funny, and friendly personality will help him do well in a home with kids. With the right introductions, he could be a great companion for another dog. 
Here is what his foster mom has to say about him:
Pony is such a sweet, happy boy and always has his tail wagging! In the home he is so calm and well mannered, and just wants to be where I am. He waits patiently for his food, and lays at my feet while I am eating without begging. He is housebroken. He was fearful of the crate at first, but now goes in with ease (and treats!??), where he sleeps at night. He loves to snuggle and was a bit fearful of getting on the couch at first, but he overcame that and happily jumps up for the full cuddle experience. He loves to spend time with me and lie at my feet when I am sitting on the patio or at my desk or when I am working in the kitchen. He walks nicely on the leash. He is a bit aloof with meeting strangers outside the home but did well with strangers coming in the home to take him out during the day. He loves walks at the Greenspring Interpretive Trail and York River State Park. I have taken him to outdoor establishments to eat and he sits calmly next to me without reacting to people or other dogs. He is smart and very treat motivated and has learned “sit” and is learning “wait”. He loves playing fetch and does the cutest bounces while running after his toys. He is super adorable when he carries his toy across the street from the dog park to the house. He is the perfect mate for someone looking for their best friend and faithful companion.
Pony’s love language is Physical Touch and this guy is a legit cuddle bug! It was our ritual first thing in AM and again in the evening to spend time together snuggling on the couch where he would lay in my lap and doze off. On the occasion I was stretched out napping on the couch, he loved to lay on top of me and put his head on my shoulder to nap. During the month he stayed with me he really came out of his shell and became more confident with exploring the house and getting on the couch without invitation. He didn’t like his crate the first couple days, but quickly got used to it and went in easily. He was crated while I was at work and at bedtime and never fussed, but I believe he would readily sleep in bed with his owner if given the opportunity. He has a zeal for toys. He loves fetch and gives the toy back nicely, and also likes toys he can chew on. He is smart, learning “wait” and “sit”. He was also learning “potties” and knew to bring his Pupsicle toy and ice cream cups to me when he was finished with them. I think he would be very trainable for other commands/ behaviors. He has not shown any aggression towards people or other dogs. When I talked to people in my neighborhood while out walking he would sit down calmly next to me and wait patiently. There were a few neighborhood dogs he was fond of that he’d happily greet. He went to the HHS sponsored dog ice cream contest at Billsburg Brewery and did awesome at interacting with other dogs and made friends playing with a German Shepard. He interacted positively with a few toddlers as well. He is housebroken. It is not known how he would respond to cats. He walks very nicely on the leash, but is very attentive towards squirrels. He has shown interest in light jogging, so might be a good running companion. He is really calm and well mannered in the home. Doesn’t get excited or beg for food (his or yours) and will lay at my feet while I eat and when I am in the kitchen prepping. His zoomies are fun but high energy so I would watch if he was around small children. He is truly the sweetest dog–a cute, calm and happy cuddler!
If you’re interested in meeting Amadeus, contact us at 757-221-0150 or [email protected]. Visit heritagehumane.org/dogs to learn more about Pony and our other available dogs.