Snacks are LIFE!

My first observation of Pretzel was that she was extremely food driven and very overweight. When taking treats, she gets so excited she gobbles them up quickly. Putting her on a diet has been very beneficial and she’s already adjusting and has lost weight. One treat that she loves are ice cubes! Pretzel loves leisurely walks. We stroll around the neighborhood three time a day. She walks well on a leash but if she sees something of interest it can be hard to budge her, and she has good strength for an older gal. Pretzel loves her people pack. She will follow you around the house and lie by your feet. She does whine for a short time when her pack leaves the house. This is short lived, there is no barking or destructive behavior. If you are looking for a guard dog pretzel doesn’t fit the bill. After being away for a week and never meeting my husband, he came home, and Pretzel greeted him as a long-lost friend. She rarely barks. I have seen no signs of aggression from Pretzel. She is friendly with people and other dogs when out and about. There is no history on how she does with cats, but it has been reported that she does well with children. At night she loves to sleep on the floor next to our bed. She sleeps through the night but somehow seems to know to wake up in time for breakfast. Pretzel would do well in a home where people are not gone working all day.  Even though she attaches herself to one person she is friendly with whoever is in the house. She would do well with a retired person or household with multiple people. Pretzel is a very sweet older girl who is looking to live out the rest of her days with a loving family. It’s been hard on her being shuffled around so whoever is lucky enough to adopt her needs to be committed to her for the rest of her days.
– Heritage Humane Society Foster Volunteer
Williamsburg Kia has kindly sponsored Pretzel’s adoption fee because she was featured on Furry Friends Friday!
Pretzel has her own line of Virginia Diner Peanuts! Pretzel loves only one thing more than people and that is SNACKS! She has her beautiful face on our new line of nuts because one afternoon at HHS, Pretzel got into a can of this very snack mix with no regrets! We figured it was only appropriate that this HHS pup gets her name on this limited edition mix. After all, it’s Pretzel tested and approved! You can purchase Pretzel’s Snack Mix in the HHS reTAIL Store, open 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM daily.