Handsome Hound

The minute you stare into Titan’s amber eyes, you will be entranced by his good looks and the gentle soul that lies within. Although Titan seems to do okay with dogs being around him, we don’t think he necessarily wants to share his home with other pets. He’d much prefer to be the apple of your eye!
Due to his age and energy level, we think Titan would do best in a home with older children who won’t encourage rough play. He’s still young and has some learning to do!
While he could keep up on adventures, I think there might be a little “Couch Potato” in him, too.
Titan has been looking for his forever home for a long time. Are you the family that he’s been looking for this entire time?
Contact our Adoption Team. 757-221-0150 ext.0 or [email protected]. As a reminder we are appointment only right now, so please call or email to schedule a visit.