Gentle & Loving

We fostered Tonto so that he could receive some much-needed R&R from the shelter and if I had to give him a single descriptor it would be “snuggly”. Tonto is very friendly in the shelter but once he is in a home environment he turns into Mr. Lovebug. It didn’t take long for him to turn on the charm and If you place a pillow or blanket on your lap or to your side he will gladly climb aboard and stay for as long as you’ll have him. He’s happy just sitting on your lap or curled up next to you, or even just sitting near you on the couch. Honestly, I don’t think he even cares if you do not pet him because all he really wants is to be with you.
We discovered quickly that Tonto does not require a lot of attention in caring for him. All he needs is a comfy place to relax, some yummy soft food, and an occasional pet or light brushing. While he is not overly demanding of attention it is not beneath him to give you a head-butt and some loud purring on occasion when he is seeking some affection. And if you accidentally leave your bedroom door open it’s all but guaranteed you will find him curled up at the foot of your bed when you wake up the next morning.
A home with small children that may want to constantly play with him would not be the best environment for him. Older children who can give him some attention but know when to respect his wishes to be alone would be fine. He is approachable and very much enjoys the company of people so head scratches from any house guests will always be welcomed.
It is unfortunate that due to his age, he gets passed over because he really is a very well-mannered cat who still has a lot to offer in bringing joy to the right person/family. He already has the life experience to be a great house cat (companion) so integrating him into a new home would require little to no effort whatsoever.
– Words from Tonto’s foster dad


Tonto is a sweet old man who is looking for a quiet place to rest for his golden years. Tonto enjoys resting on his favorite cat bed and devouring delicious treats. Tonto has had some dental issues in the past and has had to have many of his teeth pulled. He has just had his most recent cleaning where seven painful teeth were extracted. It’s obvious that Tonto already feels better! He will likely need yearly dentals (which are recommended for all pets!) to ensure none of his remaining teeth are painful in the future.
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More About Tonto:
– Mellow and gentle personality
– Couch potato 
– Incredibly loving and affectionate