Overfeeding; an overlooked form of animal cruelty

“He’s your problem now,” read the note to the landlord

Meet Johnny. A 12-year-old Dachshund, and a victim of animal cruelty

Obesity isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the words animal cruelty.  In fact, often one envisions the opposite —  emaciation; a picture of a pet so thin it can barely hold itself up. While working for animal welfare, we have seen pets come in so thin they can barely walk… and we have seen pets arrive at our door so heavy they can barely stand up. Both equally life-threatening and cruel.

“He’s your problem now,” were the heart-wrenching last words about Johnny, as his owners moved out of town and abandoned him.

Johnny’s owners abandoned him after they moved out of state. The landlord had to make the decision to re-home him through the Heritage Humane Society. Immediately our team saw the desperation in Johnny’s eyes as he struggled to walk up the sidewalk. But there was still hope, that twinkle in his eye that begged for a chance. Because of your gifts and financial support of Heritage Humane Society, we were able to welcome him with open arms. The instant he walked through our door, we promised we’d do whatever we could to help. His life was going to change!

If he doesn’t lose this weight, he could lose his life.

Just how bad is Johnny’s condition? He weighed in the first day at 28 lbs. A dog his size should be 15 lbs. max. This means he weighs nearly double his ideal weight.

The long-term neglect of Johnny’s health and disregard for his well-being has led to his pain and suffering. This didn’t happen overnight. It was a long slow process. Seeing a pet like Johnny who is otherwise alert, and full of joy, be held down by his weight, so-much-so that he is nearly immobilized, is heart-wrenching for animal lovers. Johnny is clinging onto his last sliver of hope, and we are determined to help him not just survive.. but thrive!

UPDATE – August 28, 2018

We worked with our veterinary team to create a personalized weight-loss plan for Johnny. We have found a dedicated foster family to help him along his weight loss journey. With each small step they decrease the calorie intake and increase the exercise plan. Slowly, gradually we will see a change, and an increased pep in his step. Every day he takes short walks as his foster family closely monitors him. His food is regulated, and he his treats are only to hide medication.

Keep posted for updates! We have asked our foster family to keep us posted with updated photos and stories as well…

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