Precious Pieces Program

Providing Cozy Keepsakes for Newly Adopted Pets since 2007

The fear and anxiety that comes with being abused, lost, and abandoned can be overwhelming for our homeless pets. Although they are treated with great care by both the Heritage Humane Society staff and the dedicated volunteers, adjusting to new surroundings takes time. Wanting to help make the transition more calming to all the shelter animals, we developed a cozy keepsake for the pets getting adopted at our shelter.
Our Precious Pieces Blankets first started in 2007. An Auxiliary Volunteer named Lillian Campbell started the program. When she moved to North Carolina in 2017, another generous volunteer named Diane Kelly took on the role of running our Precious Pieces Program. Numerous volunteers have been hand-crafting blankets for every single pet – dog, cat, guinea pig, rabbit, hamster, and more –  that gets adopted from Heritage Humane Society for the past thirteen years. More than 13,000 blankets have been given out since Precious Pieces started in 2007. Our volunteers donate hundreds of hours each year to carefully hand sewing, knitting, or crocheting these keepsakes. They not only donate their time but also the resources to making the blankets. All the fabrics used are donated by these volunteers. Diane Kelly, the volunteer that runs the program, said, “I have always enjoyed sewing. It is fun to search for animal-themed fabric.”
Freddie’s adopters selected this Precious Pieces blanket for their new furry family member.
On average, 20 – 25 blankets are delivered each week to the shelter. Diane Kelly organizes the pick-up of these blankets from other volunteer’s houses. She said, “I enjoy picking up the blankets others have made. I get the different schemes and stitches the knitters and crocheters select.” After being delivered they are organized in our main lobby area with a card and ribbon tied to each blanket. Adopters get to hand-select the blanket they want to take home with their new pet. 
Heritage Humane Society currently has 13 active volunteers that make these cozy keepsakes for newly adopted pets. We are always looking for new volunteers to help knit, crochet, or sew these blankets. Our volunteers make the blankets in their homes, so it is a great way to give back remotely!
If anyone is interested in learning more about the program, contact Diane Kelly by email at [email protected].