Erin Smith had an enlightening article in the July issue of Williamsburg Next Door Neighbors Magazine entitled “Making Provisions for Pets” by Narielle Living. Readers can learn more about helpfully planning for their pets if something happens to their owner. 
Every year, countless pets somberly enter the doors of The Heritage Humane Society after their owners pass away. Rarely do they have instructions or even general information about them and their preferences, medical history, or life experience. Sometimes, sorting this out can take time, which adds to the stress of a pet losing its family and having a significant life change by moving into a shelter with hundreds of other animals. 
“We are encouraging loving pet owners to add a Pet Provision Plan to their will so the Executor can assist the pet on its journey based on the owner’s wishes. The Heritage Humane Society has created a tool that can help explain your pet’s likes, dislikes, health history, and so much more to make this an easy part of your planning,” explains Kimberly Laska, CAWA, Executive Director of The Heritage Humane Society
Some might not realize that many people plan to leave a legacy gift for The Heritage Humane Society in their will, ensuring the long-term sustainability of the program for homeless pets for generations to come. This makes a tremendous difference in ongoing program needs here in our local community.