Social Butterfly

Meet Blaze, the talkative charmer waiting for a forever home at HHS! This four-legged conversationalist has a unique way of expressing himself—a delightful “Wooo-Wooo-Wooo” that’ll melt your heart faster than ice cream on a hot day. His vocals are as endearing as his personality!
Blaze isn’t just a social butterfly; he’s a socialite among dogs too! He’s the epitome of a pooch who loves to mingle. Whether it’s a game of fetch or a leisurely stroll with his furry pals, Blaze is the canine diplomat, making friends wherever he goes.
Now, here’s the scoop—Blaze isn’t just a pretty face; he’s a smarty-paws too! He’s got a repertoire of commands up his sleeve that would make any pup proud. His previous owner invested time in teaching Blaze the ropes, and he’s more than happy to showcase his skills.
If you’re not quite ready to bring Blaze home but want to experience his charm firsthand, drop by HHS for a visit. Who knows, after a few rounds of “Wooo-Wooo-Wooo,” you might just find yourself convinced that Blaze is the missing piece to complete your family portrait!
To help Blaze find his forever home, Williamsburg Jewelers has kindly sponsored his adoption fee!
Our pet viewing and adoption hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Learn more about Blaze and his adoptable dog buddies at