Brad Pitbull

Tripod Heartthrob

Brad Pitbull
Look out, Brad Pitt. There is a new star that will make you swoon and his name is Brad Pitbull!
Brad Pittbull came to HHS as a stray in Nov. Our team noticed that he wasn’t putting any weight on his front right leg, so he went straight to a local emergency veterinarian where he was diagnosed with a dislocated shoulder. Because of the period of time he probably had this injury and the amount of scar tissue present, it was decided that limb amputation was the best course of action.
We are happy to report that Brad has been in a loving foster home where he’s received so much TLC post-surgery and has been doing wonderful. And Brad is now ready for a starring role in a forever home! Read below to learn more about him.
True to pitty form, Brad is a snuggle bug with no regard or awareness of his size or the fact that his head is the size of a watermelon. He is a lap dog and he will fit on your lap, just trust him! He loves being outside and though certainly not a requirement he would probably love a fenced-in yard to lounge in the sun and run around in with some doggie friends! Although sometimes he forgets he’s missing a leg and when he tries to keep up with his four-legged counterparts, he ends up face-planting! Can someone get him a chin guard? He also tends to slip and slide on floors given his tripod status, so if you’ve got a lot of hardwood, be prepared to help him out a bit with some rugs and runners! He is a very friendly guy, sometimes a bit too friendly, which we’ve been working on, but once he calms down he loves a cuddle and to be rubbed and scratched and told he’s a good boy because he is! A great thing about Brad is that he doesn’t bark! He loves looking out the window and sitting by the glass patio door, and if he sees neighbors walking by or the mailman delivering the mail, he just sees a friend he hasn’t made yet! If you’re looking for a guard dog, you’ll have to keep looking! He’s never met a toy he doesn’t like, but be warned, he’s a power chewer! You’ll want to stock up on some hardy toys for this guy and his strong jaw! Brad also loves to eat! He’s been using a slow feeder bowl to help regulate his eating speed and digestion, and his menu has been limited to dog food only (no people food!). He is also passionate about hydration! So passionate that he’ll gulp a whole bowl in one sitting if you let him, and leave a trail of water in his wake! Mats for his feeding/watering hole are definitely recommended! He does well in the car, and sleeps in his own bed at night, though not without sometimes trying to negotiate to sleep with you instead! He likes to follow you around the house and know what you’re doing, which may have to do with his separation anxiety. We’ve been working on that and have seen definite improvements since we started, and he has existing relationships with trainers who can help you continue his journey! Brad has come a long way since he first arrived at Heritage! He may have lost a leg but he hasn’t lost a step! He has completed the Adult Level 1 training class and with your help could continue on his way to being a VGB (very good boy)! He is high energy and would love an active household with the time to dedicate to guiding him to being his best self, specifically someone strong enough to handle him while he learns his leash manners. He would do well in a house with other dog(s) of his size that are confident and could teach him boundaries and manners and who like to play rough and tumble like he does. Due to his excitability, he would do best in a house without cats and ideally no small children.
– Words from Brad’s Foster
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