Bruce Almighty


Bruce Almighty
Get ready to have your prayers answered, dog lovers because Bruce Almighty is here! This 3-year-old terrier mix is mighty large, but don’t let his size fool you – he’s a gentle giant with a heart of gold.
Bruce may not have Morgan Freeman’s voice, but he could definitely rival that godly power with his puppy dog eyes. One look and you’ll be handing over all the treats and belly rubs he desires. This sweet boy loves nothing more than snuggles, playtime, and being your loyal sidekick.
While he might not be able to part the Red Sea (or your overflowing laundry basket), Bruce Almighty can bring a touch of divine chaos to your life – think zoomies, joyful slobbers, and maybe the occasional sock sacrifice. But hey, with a face like that, how could you stay mad?
Bruce Almighty is searching for his heaven on earth – a loving forever home where he can get all the attention and love he deserves. If you’re ready to welcome a little bit of joyful chaos and a whole lot of unconditional love into your life, this might just be the dog-sent miracle you’ve been waiting for!
Our pet viewing and adoption hours are noon to 4:30 p.m., Tuesday – Sunday. Learn more about Bruce Almighty and his adoptable dog buddies at If you have questions, please contact us at 757-221-0150 or [email protected].

Notes from his foster mom:

– Bruce is a very sweet smart, and loyal dog who would be a great first-time dog but likely should not be in a house with another dog.
– Bruce is incredibly sweet and loving (a huge cuddler and loyal) 
– Quite good alone in a house
– Of course, shouldn’t be left alone for the whole day, but (knock on wood) he has not shown destructive tendencies and is perfectly happy being set up with some peanut butter, a couch, and a good TV show
– He is super curious and loves adventures: I have taken him on long walks in the woods and to the beach twice which he adored
– Going off of that, he is amazing in the car! Hops in perfectly and sits quietly and kindly in the car without a seatbelt.
– Adores stuffed animals! He is a very playful puppy at heart but also has moments where he will just sleep in the bed with me and chill watching TV with me.
– When he gets excited, he gets excited. Like all bigger dogs, he has no idea how big he is or how strong he is. He has never hurt me in any way, but he is just strong, even though he is definitely currently under weight. He just genuinely loves to play and loves food! 
– I do not have kids or anything but, in his file, it says he is very good with kids and lived with a wide range of ages. I think he actually would do very well with kids, but the owners would just have to take into account that he needs to get his energy out and, when that happens, maybe the kids (if they are young) shouldn’t be in the room because he is a big strong clumsy boy. 
– He is very good about redirection and training! A super smart boy who just wants to please. 
– VERY good walking on the leash, sometimes he gets strong and wants to pull towards squirrels and deer, but, if the person walking is just alert about that possibility, 9/10 times he is SUPER easy to walk! Like, I can walk him on a limp leash. That has never happened before! My shoulder says thank you unless there are squirrels. 
– Knock on wood but he has NEVER had an accident in the house and generally, when we go on walks, he does his business very quickly! It is a huge sigh of relief for myself and my roommates as he truly understands how a house works.
– He is not good with dogs that we have seen. He is very dog reactive and since he is so strong he can get quite strong on the leash if a dog triggers him.
– He is allergic to chicken… This is not bad it’s just important
– He is shy with new people. This does not mean he is mean or aggressive, he just needs time to get used to new people in his space (treats definitely help with this!)
– He is still learning. Especially since he has been in a shelter for a while, he is still embracing that he is a young dog who has so much energy and so much to learn. Sometimes he thinks he can stand up on the counter because he is the size of it. Sometimes he gets strong when he plays. But these are just big puppy baby things. And he is very good about chilling out when you need him to!