Shy But Loving

Butterscotch has a history as a stray so he doesn’t have a lot of life experience living in a home. The first week in foster care he literally just curled up in a corner in the downstairs bathroom where the litter box resided. He would allow me to pet and brush him but he was skittish. Food and water was also placed in the room.
By the second week he began coming upstairs to explore the house and by the third week he remained upstairs with the family and other foster cat and he only went downstairs for the litter box. (Food and water had been moved to the main room.) He needs a space where he feels safe which usually entails something with top cover so his primary spot was under a chair and table.
For the remaining time in foster care (6 weeks total) Butterscotch became more comfortable in his environment and with each passing week he became more playful and social allowing me to pet and brush him without him being scared. He loves to play and his favorite toy is anything at the end of a string. “Crinkle” toys also gets him excited.
Butterscotch got along nicely with another foster cat so he has demonstrated that he can be around other cats.
– Words from Tonto’s foster dad


Butterscotch has come such a long way in the time he has been at Heritage Humane Society. He was brought in as a trapped feral, and it understandably took a long time to build his trust with humans. He has spend time in both our cat colony room and a foster home. While he is a little shy, with patience and love he will learn to trust you.