Hiking Partner Extraordinaire

Elon is such a good dog! He does really well in the car but he needs help getting in and out of the car. He just needs to build his confidence up. He is super sweet and affectionate. He’s a good walker but occasionally he gets excited and jumps. We passed by plenty of dogs and he was interested but didn’t bark.
– HHS Volunteer
Elon loves exploring the outdoors- he is a born bird watcher. He seems like a great adventure buddy for a dog-savvy adopter that’s willing to finish his training and socialization.
– HHS Staff Member
Every dog that comes into our care is different. They have different experiences and backgrounds that help shape them. Elon when you first meet him can be very uncertain of you. When you are looking to add a new furry friend to your family, you might look for that instant connection with a pet, but remember every pet is different and sometimes it takes some patience to unlock their true personality. Once he trusts you he will start to show his goofy and eccentric personality.
More about Elon
– amateur ornothologist
– hiking partner extraordinaire
– goofy & eccentric personality
– frisbee enthusiast
– likes dogs with slow introductions
– treat connoisseur