Goofball Alert!

This 2-year-old boy is seeking a partner with a big heart and an active lifestyle. He loves to play and loves to move and his enthusiasm and goofiness are impossible to resist. Looking for some fun? Mack is certainly your guy! He’s a puppy in an adult body, but he’s smart as a whip. He’s definitely going to need some training – but good news… we have dog training classes you can sign up for! Toys are his favorite. He also likes long walks… with his toy. We don’t know his history with dogs, but we’ve tested him with a female dog, and he did pretty well aside from thinking she was REALLY pretty. He’ll need a dog who can teach him the ropes and be patient with his puppy-like demeanor.
Below are notes from the volunteer that accompanied him on a trek through colonial times in Colonial Williamsburg:
“Mack’s Fido Field Trip to Colonial Williamsburg was awesome. He is a great car rider. He enjoyed seeing the lambs and other animals. He is a good walker. He met a very nice lady and gave her a lot of sloppy kisses and he sat with her while she petted him. He does have a very sweet disposition.”
Come by and meet Mack! Our adoption hours are from 12 p.m. – 4:30 p.m. daily. And visit to learn more about Mack and his adoptable dog friends here.