Rock Washington

Operations Supervisor

Rock Washington

As the operations supervisor for Heritage Humane Society, Rock brings more than 8 years of animal welfare experience to the day-to-day operations of the Adoption Center, handling as many as 1,800 pets annually.

Rock graduated from New Kent High, and took up a welding trade for 3 years, as well as working his way to a leadership role in the restaurant industry. Those early experiences—along with a passion working hands-on with the animals, and educating the public on the human-animal bond—formed the foundation for his animal-welfare career.

As operations supervisor, Rock is responsible for overseeing the well-being of the adoptable pets and maintaining the facility. This includes managing animal care supplies, maintaining the animal areas, creating a clean and welcoming environment, training and handling adoptable pets, as well as educating and creating lasting bonds between pets and potential adopters.

email: [email protected]