He held on to the bridge, 52 feet in the air

He held onto the bridge, 52 feet in the air

Seal held on for his life, as the cars raced passed

As cars rushed by across the Chickahominy River Bridge, a terrified grey kitted balanced for his life on a cement beam, below the handrail. Unaware of the reason he was abandoned, this tiny kitten seemed more and more confused with each passing minute. As the cars sped by, Seal clung on for his life with only a small sliver of hope.

At only 10-weeks-old, this kitten had to make the choice between three options. 1) He could either turn left and into traffic, or  2) turn right and plunge 52 feet to the ominous river below; or 3) his last option was to stay still, and hold on. Not just to the edge of the bridge, but to the hope that someone, somehow, would notice this tiny kitten and stop to help. He choose the third option, and we are very relieved he did.

Around 11:00AM, two James City County Animal Control Heroes (Oops, we mean Officers) received a call about a kitten, abandoned on the bridge. Immediately the officer jumped into action to secure the frightened and panicked kitten, and bring him to safety.

Seal has shown us so much courage and has overcome so much. We promised we would do everything in our power to give him the life he deserves. We made a promise to Seal, that he would never has to make the choice between life or death again.

This 10-week-old kitten held onto hope as he balanced for his life on the Chickahominy bridge. A hope that someone caring like you, would take action and save his life. Everyday, pets like Seal rely on the Heritage Humane Society to help save their lives. These pets urgently need your support right now to keep our thriving adoption program going strong through the summer.

Why is this need so urgent? Just look at the face above. Kittens like Seal enter our shelter Every. Single. Day.  With no where else to turn, they rely on us to give them the top-notch care they deserve. This is only made possible by donors like you, who care. Those who give create a safety net for shelter pets throughout our jurisdiction, and beyond, with nowhere else to turn.

Summer is a very difficult time for shelters like Heritage Humane Society, that rely on generosity of donors like you for over 93% of funding. Without you, hundreds of pets like Seal would go without the help they so desperately need. In the first 6 months of 2018, 798 pets have been adopted through our Adoption Center. But there are hundreds more still waiting, waiting for their chance.

On behalf of Seal, would you consider making an extra gift to the Heritage Humane Society this summer? We need your financial support now more than ever. Thank you for helping us help the homeless pets that are relying on us to save their lives.