The Unconquerable Coonhound

You Can’t Keep a Good Coonhound Down

Wonder Woman is a beautiful 2-year-old Blue-tick Coonhound. She was surrendered to Heritage Humane Society earlier this spring.

Bred and purchased as a family’s hunting dog, this droopy-eyed hound had a hard start to life, but that was about to change. O

ne afternoon the owners dropped Wonder Woman off at a veterinary office with a severe injury to her back leg. They stated she had been hit by a car but her wounds were not consistent to a car accident. Unable to provide the care she needed, her family surrendered her to the Heritage Humane Society to determine her future. What exactly happened we might never know; however, providing the care, comfort and compassion was our priority now. Immediately, she was given pain medication and settled into a warm, comfortable place to rest.

As soon as time allowed, several radiographs were taken of her back leg and hip. She was diagnosed with a severe femoral spiral fracture. Anesthesia and surgical stabilization of the femur (thigh bone) was unavoidable, as most fractures of this type cannot be adequately immobilized in a cast or splint.

The surgery lasted hours. An external fixture (a series of metal bars and screws) was put in place. This contraption will provide many benefits for a successful recovery, such as an earlier use of the leg, and less risk of a second surgery being required. This method will also provide her with a better range of motion of the joints near her thigh. Though the surgery was a success, Wonder Woman wasn’t out of the woods yet. She had a long recovery ahead of her.

After recovering for a week at the veterinary hospital, one of the office managers fell in love with her, and began bringing her home at night. As time went on, it was clear that Wonder Woman had found someone who loved her! As soon as she receives her clean bill of health, she will have a home waiting for her. Wonder Woman’s story is just one of the thousands of pets that come through our doors each year. A surgery like this typically costs more than $2,000. This is in addition to the costs for vaccinations, spay/neuter surgery, microchip, and wellness exam (which typically costs an average of $300 per dog or cat). We could not provide this top-level care without your support.

When you give a gift to Heritage Humane Society, your gift goes straight to work, giving hope to the next Wonder Woman that comes through our doors. You are their voice, and their lives will be forever changed because of you!