Lisa Corcoran

Volunteer Since 2016

Lisa Corcoran has been a volunteer at Heritage Humane Society since 2016. She is one of our amazing foster volunteers. During kitten season she opens her heart and home to multiple litters of orphaned kittens. She spends countless hours feeding, cleaning, and nurturing these precious lives. Thankfully she does have a little help. His name is Tyson and he is not a conventional foster dad. He is a cat that Lisa adopted from Heritage Humane Society in June 2018 along with his best friend Maggie! While Tyson was at our shelter the staff quickly discovered he was the definition of a lover boy. Oftentimes he would be seen grooming and cuddling with Maggie and he was always very affectionate with the staff and volunteers here. Lisa is now putting his loving side to good use. He is a fantastic foster dad to orphaned kittens that need extra love and cuddles. We are so thankful for Lisa’s dedication to our mission. She has done amazing things for homeless pets and we are so happy she chose to volunteer, foster, AND adopt!