Let me tell you about one of the homeless pets’ Heritage Humane Society has helped. Sasha arrived at the shelter on July 22 as a stray, covered in fleas and ticks and unable to walk. We sent her to one of our local vet partners for an evaluation. When they did bloodwork, they found that she was quite anemic, probably due to her infestation of fleas and ticks. An x-ray revealed the reason she was unable to bear weight on her hind left. When Sasha was brought back to our shelter for ongoing treatment and care, she quickly became a staff (and personal) favorite. We worked with her each day and she started showing real progress. The staff was amazed when Sasha started walking on her own and then demanded longer and longer walks. She even made her debut in downtown Williamsburg when we filmed the Furry Friends Friday on Facebook Live with 92.3FM The Tide. 
On September 3, after Sasha’s medical care was complete and she was spayed, her adoption was finalized. Sasha, a Care Fund case, is now in a loving home where she will stay for the rest of her life. She has regained full use of her back leg and can now run and play! Sasha is one of 22 homeless pets who have required extensive medical support this summer. Whenever animals become a part of our program, our medical and behavior teams make sure that each of them is given their best possible chance for a happy, healthy life. 
Your continued support, especially now, makes this possible and we thank you! 
Warm Regards,

Kimberly Laska
Executive Director
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Adoption Day!

Her initial exam

Bath Time!

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