Dear Supporter and Friend,
Even though 2020 had numerous challenges, we were very encouraged by the kindness and support of this community. Did you know that Heritage Humane Society achieved a live animal release rate of 95.84%?! That means that 1,521 formerly homeless pets are living their good lives now. That is only possible because of the role you played in supporting our program. On behalf of each and every one of the homeless pets we helped, thank you!
Also, we are very grateful that 1,097 pets in need were assisted through our Kibble Kitchen and Beyond in 2020! We were able to provide support here at our facility and through the Williamsburg House of Mercy. Your donations helped make this possible.
We hope that 2021 brings even more positive outcomes for the homeless pets in our community. Your continued support is critical to our being able to provide care for animals in transition to their permanent homes. As an open-admission shelter, we need to be prepared when they arrive without even a moment’s notice. You make that possible.
Thank you for your continued support!
Most sincerely,


Kimberly Laska
Executive Director, CAWA

2020 Numbers Worth Sharing!

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