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There is a reason why the older years of life are known as the “golden years” and some of the senior pets at the Heritage Humane Society are here to show everyone.

What you see is what you get

Senior pets have already grown into their personality, so there are fewer surprises! They have established their personalities, temperaments, and size. There is no guesswork in wondering if a senior dog or cat will change because they are past the various developmental stages puppies, kittens, and pets in their early years go through by nature.

Mind their manners

Older pets are most always housebroken. Point a senior kitty to the litterbox and that’s all they need. A senior dog will likely indicate when they need to be let out in a fenced in yard or to go for a walk. They create a lot of accident clean up or laundry. They often know how to treat furniture and countertops, and are well past the chewing stage of puppies. Their biggest desire is often a soft place to snuggle – preferably by your side – and a few snacks to satisfy.

Age is just a number

Just because they are older, many golden age pets have a lot of love to give and are just as full of life. They are often more mellow because the wiggles are out from the younger years, they’ve had more experiences, and settling into a new environment and even being introduced to other pets is easier for them – and for you.

Illness strikes at any age

Ailments don’t just affect senior pets as there are many younger animals that have issues requiring medical care. Sadly, in some cases, for some people who bring a pet into their home, their commitment stops if the pet requires more than food, water, and shelter. Often senior pets are left homeless, meaning surrendered, because their once-loving owners assumed medical issues would lead to bills as the pets aged. So many senior pets end up in shelters even though they were once the beloved family pet simply because people don’t want to be bothered with the pet getting older and may have some general medical needs. It is a heartbreaking sight when a pet realizes while being surrendered that the people they knew as family are giving up on them.

Senior discount

The golden oldies at the Heritage Humane Society have a lower adoption fee.

Meet these adoptable Golden Oldies

The Heritage Humane Society has a selection of adoptable cats and adoptable dogs in their golden years, who still have so much life and love to give and are looking for their next chapter:
  • Meet Baily. At only nine years old, Baily is perfection! She may have gray hairs on her face, but that just means she has years of experience in the fine art of love and companionship! Baily is a very gentle, friendly, laid-back girl who just likes to loaf about and get pets and cuddles. She walks great on a leash and seems to do well with other dogs. She’s been on a diet and exercise plan and has been losing weight with her foster family. It helps that she thoroughly enjoys going for walks. As a bonus, Baily’s adoption fee has been kindly sponsored by the Christopher King Foundation. The lucky human companion doesn’t have to pay her fee and can give Miss Baily a new lease on life.

  • Meet Kiki. Kiki is a fluffy bundle of sweetness. She is a gorgeous 11-year-old Maine Coon mix that can best be described as loving, intelligent, and food-motivated. If you are looking to have Kiki melt into your lap, just have a brush in your hand. She adores being groomed and will thank you with her gentle purrs and head nudges. Kiki is the ideal Hallmark movie-watching companion as she’s hoping to spend her twilight years curled up in someone’s lap.

  • Meet Loki. Unlike her namesake, Loki the cat is not much of a trickster unless it is tricking you into giving her more pets or treats. At 10 years old, Loki is a mellow senior kitty who enjoys lounging around, getting love and attention, and taking long afternoon naps by the window. Low-key Loki is available and ready to find her fur-ever home.

  • Meet Thomas Jefferson. Hail to the Chief! Meet the purr-fect presidential pet, Thomas Jefferson. This 12-year-old kitty is gentle and mellow and oh-so-sweet. Being a black cat makes it hard for him to stand out to most adopters. That is why he is in one of the Heritage Humane Society colony rooms right now. If you come and visit, you will most likely see our head of state perched by the window. He takes his presidential duty of bird watching very seriously after all. He has perfected the art of lounging and would love to find a quiet home where he can relax and enjoy his twilight years.

Unable to adopt, but wish to help

There are many ways to help senior pets right here in the community. Consider sponsoring the adoption fees. If interested, email or call the Heritage Humane Society Adoption Team at [email protected] or 757-221-0150 ext.0. Share their stories with family and friends. Make an online donation, donate supply items or join our foster community.
To learn more, visit or call 757-221-0150. Heritage Humane Society is located at 430 Waller Mill Road, Williamsburg, VA 23185.

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