Lynne Waters

Lynne is a fairly new volunteer but has already made a huge impact on the animals in her community. In this month’s volunteer spotlight, Lynne tells us about her journey towards volunteering and fostering in her own words: 
“I wanted to volunteer at the HHS because I missed my dog Dakota so much that it left a huge emptiness in my life.  He passed in February, right before the COVID-19. Every animal I encountered I saw Dakota. If I saw a dog in the neighborhood, I would ask if I could pet their pet, and then I started to feed the squirrels, birds, etc.  I just couldn’t shake the emptiness.  
I decided to take a job at an amazing company that cared about the welfare of animals and was dedicated to their well being. I was excited to start this new journey. Then the Covid pandemic started, and I was furloughed like millions of others. I felt helpless, hopeless, and empty for the unconditional love and companionship that only an animal can give.  I decided that I wanted to help somehow, payback the love and joy that Dakota gave me all these years. He was rescued by our family from a shelter 12 years ago.   I decided to volunteer at the HHS. 
Dakota was Lynne’s rescue dog. He inspired her to volunteer and foster at HHS.
My first day there was simply so amazing.  I was given simple tasks where I had to interact with beautiful cats.  I felt renewed, had purpose, proud, happy.  This is exactly what I needed, to give back to the many animals in the shelter who once gave so much to their loved ones.  Then I fostered this beautiful loving hound that instantly brought so much joy into my life.  My husband and I were overjoyed to be part of Radish’s life.  We had room in our home and the HHS gave us the crate, food, blankets, toys, medicine, and provided medical treatment. I had a purpose again. I wasn’t working so I dedicated my days to working with Radish as far as training, teaching, exercising, loving, nurturing, playing.  He just turned our life around and actually made me feel loved, happy, have purpose.  He needed me and I needed him.  We had to be strong because we fell in love with Radish.  His personality was amazing. He just needed some love and attention and really wanted a family of his own.  It was so evident. I didn’t really want a dog again. Our daughter lives out of state as well as our family.  I didn’t know if we could afford to take care of a dog financially.  I started to bring Radish to meet and greets, community events, everywhere. It was a blast.  As a foster parent, you get to meet their forever family and have an input into their future.  I knew Radish wanted to play with other dogs and needed a fenced yard and additional training.  I was very honest and upfront with regard to Radish’s needs at meet and greets, and finally the perfect family came along.   I knew that Radish immediately felt the love from his forever mother and he immediately loved her at first sight. It was rather beautiful, and I was blessed to witness it. 
Lynne fostered Radish, a heartworm positive dog, this past fall
It was difficult to let Radish go to his forever home but I knew it was right. I have spoken with his new family after the adoption and he is loving his new sister Cindy, he has a fenced yard that he loves to run in, and the most awesome thing is that he has his own doggie door where he can come and go independently. 
I was a part of this beautiful match and will forever be grateful to the HHS for helping me to find purpose and happiness again.  I am traveling to Alabama this holiday and as soon as I return I will be fostering again.  Can’t wait to make a difference in someone’s life.”