Angelique Crawford & Madeline Shipp

Angelique Crawford and Madeline Shipp have been volunteers at Heritage Humane Society since 2019. Both of them started their volunteering experience at our shelter by helping with laundry, dishes, and morning cleaning projects. Early on when they were volunteering at the shelter they met an senior cat named Stevie. He was a long-term resident that was overlooked for many months. After getting the know Stevie while volunteering they decided to make him part of their family. They adopted Stevie and the entire staff were thrilled to see Stevie finally find his home and the icing on the cake was that it was with these amazing volunteers.

If all that wasn’t enough, for the past two kitten seasons Angelique and Madeline have also been a huge help fostering orphaned kittens. They devote countless hours to nurturing litters of kittens all spring and summer long. We are so thankful for their dedication to our mission. Read more about why they chose to volunteer, foster, AND adopt below!

Madeline Shipp & Stevie the cat. This was the day Madeline and Angelique adopted Stevie.

Madeline with two foster kittens

Why did we decide to volunteer at HHS?

My daughter Madeline was the guiding instrument into us volunteering at HHS.  She loves animals and I wanted her to experience what it is like to give back to our community.  And this is something we can share together.

How has fostering impacted our lives?

Taking care of kittens during early development was not something I saw myself doing, but again Madeline was keen to jump in and take on the challenge.  It takes time, consistency, and lots of love, however It has been a great experience for both of us.