Jerome is a fun-loving and playful pup who has endless amounts of love to offer his adopters. He has been waiting for months for his adopter to come to take him home. He loves walks and toys. He would thrive in a home where he can be active. Learn more about Jerome by CLICKING HERE!





Looking for a furry friend that likes to play and go on adventures? Mack might be your guy! Learn more about her by CLICKING HERE.





What’s better than adopting a dog? Adopting a senior dog! Laid-back Zane is an older hound who is looking for a home to call his own. At 7 years old, you don’t need to fret about those annoying puppy behaviors. He is incredibly friendly, very calm, and still has a LOT of love to give. Learn more about Zane by CLICKING HERE.






Sugar is a window-watching couch potato! She has been in a foster home where we have learned he is fond of ribbon toys and quietly hanging out with people. Learn more about Sugar by CLICKING HERE.






Lovely Cocoa has a very special place in our hearts. Cocoa’s foster mom has been working hard to help give her extra special attention and care. Cocoa is feeling much safer in her foster home and has started to come out of her shell! Once she knows you she blossoms! Learn more about Cocoa by CLICKING HERE. 






Robert Cattinson

Say hello to our vampire kitty, Robert Cattinson. Like his book and movie counterpart, he has the signature Pattinson sultry pout down to an art. However, that is really where the similarities stop. Learn more about Robert by CLICKING HERE. 

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