Shelby Hawthorne

We want to highlight one of Heritage Humane Society’s long-term volunteers – Shelby Hawthorne. Shelby and her husband Randy have been long-term supporters of our organization. Their kindness, compassion, and help over the years have been truly inspiring.
Shelby comes to the shelter regularly to help with cat socialization. She spends hours giving the cats in our care one on one attention, grooming them, cleaning their living areas, feeding them, and playing with them. Having volunteers help with cat socialization is extremely important. Socializing provides kittens and cats with the opportunity to interact with people on a one-to-one basis. It helps relieve stress (for both the volunteer and cat) and helps the cats get adopted because they become more comfortable here. 
The cats and staff are always thrilled to see her coming through the doors. Oftentimes she leaves the shelter covered in cat hair with a huge smile on her face. On behalf of all the staff and the pets, we wanted to thank Shelby for her continued generosity and support.

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