Cathy Wildman

Cathy Wildman started volunteering as a dog walker with Heritage Humane Society in November of 2020 and has already become a dog favorite! Cathy lived all over the United States before making Williamsburg her home! She was born in New York, went to college in Iowa, moved to Colorado, and eventually moved to Virginia in 2003. Cathy taught elementary school until she retired, but even then she couldn’t stop helping her community. She started substitute teaching in 2005 and only stopped with the pandemic’s “stay-at-home” orders caused her early retirement. Cathy and her husband Bob have always had dogs, including a wonderful German Shepherd named Jake, who passed away a few years ago. Their son, Scott, and his wife Kristin live in Blaine, Washington with their Shih Tzu, Yogi, and their son Kevin, and his girlfriend, Dana, live in Winnetka, Illinois with their pitbull, Luna. Clearly coming from a dog-loving family but not ready to adopt just yet, Cathy says she thought “volunteering would cure my itch.”

Words from Cathy Wildman:
“When invited by my friend, Christy, another volunteer, to join her in November 2020 at Heritage Humane Society, I was thrilled. When we took adoptable dogs Romulus and Remus on a Fido Field Trip to Colonial Williamsburg, I was hooked.
I really enjoy my days at Heritage Humane Society and walking dogs. My favorites were Bree, Ziggy, and Roscoe. I volunteer 2 days a week and enjoy the one-on-one time with these special dogs.  I am glad I can help the staff as well, who have been so inviting to me. Every week, I take pictures of my “pups” and send them to my family and friends, who really look forward to seeing who I spent time with each week.”

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