Kimberely Shaver


Kimberely Shaver began her volunteerism at Heritage Humane Society in January 2019. In that time she has done so much for us! There doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do! She started by helping with AM cleaning at the shelter. Kimberely doesn’t mind getting her hand a little dirty. She will gladly chip in with the many loads of laundry, dishes, litter boxes, and MORE that need to be cleaned every single day at the shelter. She then started helping with some of our fundraising events, the PetSmart Adoption Center, and with Fido Field Trips. If that wasn’t enough, she eventually joined our Heritage Humane Society Auxiliary in 2020. She has devoted so much of her time and energy to helping local homeless pets in the short time she has been a part of our organization. Her dedication, kindness, and love for animals are truly inspiring. Below are some words from Kimberely!


Words from Kimberely Shaver:

1. Why did you join the Heritage Humane Society Auxiliary?
“I have always had a love for all animals. So when our family moved to Williamsburg a few years ago, I attended an Auxiliary meeting. I was very nervous, but everyone immediately made me feel welcomed. I was very impressed with the important role the Auxiliary plays in the advocacy of animals, education in the community, and critical fundraising of Heritage Humane Society.”
2. What is your favorite part of volunteering with Heritage Humane Society?
“My favorite part of volunteering at HHS is my hope that I am making a difference in these animal’s lives. I consider it a privilege to help with cleaning and caring for the animals. I also think it is so important to support the staff. I see firsthand the amazing hard work, compassion, care, and love the staff provides. Plus, a lot of the staff have become dear friends to me.”
3. How has your volunteerism with the Heritage Humane Society Auxiliary impacted your life?
“Volunteering with Auxiliary has impacted my life in many ways. Being a part of an amazing group of talented people whose common goal is to make a better life for animals has brought me much joy! The friendships I have made have been a blessing to me.”
4. Do you have pets at home? Tell us more about them! 
“I have a cat named Fitz who is 12 years old. He is a Siamese, Snowshoe, and Lynx mix. He is actually my daughter’s cat, but when she moved to New Zealand, she didn’t want to put him through quarantine, so I “adopted” him. He loves to watch his squirrel friends outside, and he has learned to open doors by using his paws, so I have to be careful to lock the door when I leave. 
I also have an African Grey parrot named Smokey who will be 22 in June. She is pretty spoiled. She has her own TV to watch her favorite shows, loves music, and going for walks in her bird friendly backpack. When she sees a dog on our walks, she will make a sound of a dog barking!”