Amanda Ibrahim

Amanda Ibrahim began her volunteerism at Heritage Humane Society in June 2021. In that short time, she has done so much for us! There doesn’t seem to be anything she can’t do! She started by helping with AM cleaning at the shelter. Amanda doesn’t mind getting her hand a little dirty. She will gladly chip in with the many loads of laundry, dishes, litter boxes, and MORE that need to be cleaned every single day at the shelter. She then started helping with some of our fundraising events, caring for the cats at our PetSmart Adoption Center, and dog walking. If that wasn’t enough, she recently joined our Heritage Humane Society Auxiliary last month. She has devoted so much of her time and energy to helping local homeless pets in the short time she has been a part of our organization. Her dedication, kindness, and love for animals are truly inspiring. Below are some words from Amanda!

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Words from the Amanda:

Why did you start volunteering at Heritage Humane Society?
I became a volunteer at Heritage Humane Society because I LOVE animals! I volunteered in the past at other animal shelters; and after moving here, I immediately knew this was the place for me! I’m truly grateful to be a part of such a wonderful team of volunteers and staff members who truly care about what they are doing.
How has volunteering impacted your lives?
Volunteering has impacted by life greatly! I am always happiest when I am around animals, and it really gives me a purpose in life. I’ve met so many wonderful like-minded people volunteering and have made friends for life. There is something so genuine about people who work and volunteer at shelters and rescue organizations.
What is your favorite part of volunteering?
My favorite part of volunteering is interaction with the animals.  I hope I can bring each and every animal a sense of joy or comfort during our time together.  Every animal touches my heart; and it inspires me to make a difference in their lives, even if it is for a short period of time. After spending time with the animals, whether it’s taking them for a walk, petting them, playing with them, giving them treats, or taking them out on a Fido Field Trip, their personalities come out and they begin to shine! Seeing them appreciate the attention is so rewarding, and it makes my heart so happy when they get adopted! 
What tips would you give someone interested in fostering a dog for the first time?
My biggest tip for someone who is interested in volunteering is just do it! The impact you will have on the animals’ lives is priceless.  People may worry that they won’t be able to handle it emotionally; however, there are so many different opportunities and ways to get involved.  Some of the volunteer assignments include foster care, transport, special events, administrative projects, laundry, dishes, shelter maintenance, landscaping, and socializing with all the amazing animals!  Another option for people is to join the Heritage Humane Society’s Auxiliary team. This team is incredible and essential as it focuses on fundraising and special events.  So if you’ve thought about it but haven’t taken the next step, definitely give it a try. You will not be disappointed. There is nothing more rewarding than seeing a pet get adopted or reunited with their family! 


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