Todd & Louise Denkins

We’d like to introduce you to Todd and Louise Denkins! They have opened their home and hearts to multiple dogs over the past couple of years. Our foster program at Heritage Humane Society places animals into foster homes. Not every pet is successful in a shelter environment, so having fosters that can provide nice, cozy homes for animals is critical. Pets can be sent to foster care for a variety of reasons, including, age, socialization, training, or even a break from the shelter.
The Denkins’ have focused on fostered adult dogs who are in need of some time out of the shelter to relax and decompress. Sometimes it is dogs that have been in the shelter for a long period of time and sometimes it is dogs that we want to learn how they are in a home environment. Being in a foster home gives us a wealth of information that we would not otherwise have. It helps us find the right forever home for the pet and Todd and Louise send us regular updates on the foster dog and adorable photos and videos that we gladly share with potential adopters. They have helped find homes for multiple dogs and we are incredibly grateful to them.
Read their words below to learn more about their experience fostering:


Words from the Denkins’:

Why did you start fostering at Heritage Humane Society?
We started fostering after our dog passed away. We wanted to help the shelter dogs get some time out of the shelter.
How has fostering impacted your lives?
Fostering has opened our hearts to the possibility of having another dog of our own one day. It also makes us happy to see the shelter dogs thrive in a home environment before getting their forever home.
What is your favorite part of fostering?
Our favorite part of fostering is seeing how much happiness it brings the dogs. It also exposes us to a wide variety of dogs with many different needs. Most of all we get to give lots of love to numerous dogs in need.
What tips would you give someone interested in fostering a dog for the first time?
Some tips we would give new foster parents are: have patience  (each dog is different), when in doubt reach out to HHS, you will be surprised how happy you get to see these dogs find their forever, and finally, be prepared to fall in love and probably shed a few tears.


Below are some of the dogs the Denkins’ have fostered:

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