On July 22, 2020, our shelter responded to a hoarding case. A total of fourteen cats arrived at our doors, including two mother cats with newborn kittens. The Heritage Humane Society team worked swiftly when the cats arrived to provide them with fresh water, food, and a comfortable and quiet area to relax and settle in.
After the cats and kittens had time to adjust to their new temporary home, our Medical Team went to work and carefully examined and treated all the cats. All the cats were covered in dirt and fleas, including the tiny newborn kittens. 
Once the cats were cleared medically, our amazing foster volunteers swooped in to help. The cats were moved to foster homes to allow them time and space to relax and acclimate to home environments. Most of the cats and kittens from this hoarding case are still currently in foster homes. Once they are ready, they will become available for adoption. We encourage anyone interested in adopted to visit our website www.heritagehumane.org/adopt. You can also contact our Adoption Team with any questions. 757-221-0150 ext:0 or [email protected].
Your support allows us to answer the call when heartbreaking cases like this occur. We are grateful to our community for continuing to provide us the financial support to further our rescue efforts. These precious lives have a second chance at life thanks to you! Help us continue our rescue efforts by donating today.

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